Haunted House

A Fairy Tale for Children - Haunted House

Ella and Nela were two special little girls. They were twins. That means they were sisters and they were born at the same time. At first glance, they looked incredibly similar, but they were completely different. Ella was brave and always wanted to do everything right away. Nela was hesitant and thought long and hard before she did anything. They did everything together.

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Eagle chicks

Fairy Tale For Children - Eagle Chicks

Far away in the high cliffs there are places where eagles’ nests are. They’re very high up and can’t be seen from the ground. Only if you stand under that rock, sometimes you can see mama or daddy eagle fly out from somewhere. Mostly they fly out to find food. They leave their little baby eagles in the nest and fly away to bring them something good to eat. And for their babies to grow up and get strong. When the baby birds are a little bigger, it’s time for them to fly out of the nest on their own to test the strength of their wings and learn how to do it.

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Extraordinary Princes

Tale at Night - Extraordinary Princes

Beyond the frosty rock and the high hills there was a great kingdom. There lived a king and queen and their little princes. Their names were Simon and Sanel. They both had black hair, deep brown eyes and smiles from ear to ear. They were very kind and clever. Their parents were proud of them. Every day they thought of games to play and made every moment special. Every day with them was magical.

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Little girl Vicky and a wild dog

A Fairy Tale for Children - Little Girl Vicky And A Wild Dog

Behind a few hills and a few valleys there stood a small village. At the edge of the village, near the forest, was a small house. Vickyi lived there with her parents. She was a little girl full of energy. She loved sports and her favourite thing was to run. Every day she ran in the forest. She jumped over sticks and small streams, dodged branches and always ran outside the forest to a beautiful clearing. There she sat in the grass and enjoyed the view of the whole village. She loved it there. It was such a favorite place of hers. It was quiet and it was not easy to run there. And she liked it very much.

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How the wind talked the sad raindrop into falling

Tale at Night - How The Wind Talked The Sad Raindrop Into Falling

When autumn comes, the leaves start to fall outside. But not just leaves. Often, raindrops fall too. Outside the windows, it’s drizzly. It’s getting cold. Dark clouds gather in the sky and then drop waterfalls of raindrops on the ground, watering the soil. It’s the kind of weather we like to watch out the window. There are too many raindrops falling from the sky. I know the story of one raindrop that was different. It looked like the others, but it didn’t act like them.

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Scatterbrain, the little imp

Tale for Reading - Scatterbrain, The Little Imp

Deep under the earth there lived several little imps. They lived in a dark cave. They had a big fire in the middle of it. Around it they slept covered in their furs. They liked it warm. There were several of them. But one imp stood out. He was different. He was a bit silly, and he usually messed things up, and that’s why they called him Scatterbrain. He had one shorter hoof, so he limped. He had bushy fur all over his body and his horns stuck out like aerials. He looked cute.

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