The Beautiful Witch Helga and the Cursed Bird

Dear children, I’m sure you remember the beautiful witch Helga, who lived alone in the forest with her black cat Felicia. She escaped from the village where everyone acused her for cursing her dearest boy Erik, who disappeared suddenly. For the villagers thought that no one could be as beautiful as Helga, there must be some evil magic in it.

Helga escaped into the dense forest near the village, where she prepared various potions from herbs in her cottage, which she used to try to cure the wounded animals in the forest. She was not only beautiful, but kind. And one day, she found an injured bird whose wing she cured. And the bird told her a story in which she learned that it had been cursed.

Bajke za djecu - The Beautiful Witch Helga and the Cursed Bird
The Beautiful Witch Helga and the Cursed Bird

As the bird told its story to the young girl, blue-eyed Helga thought about it and wanted to help. She jumped to her feet and began to run around her little cottage, when her cat Felicia sat down on the magic book lying on the table. “Yay! Thank you, Felicia, for your help,” replied Helga, and began to leaf through her magic book, thinking how she could help the little bird. She couldn’t find any spells in the book that would help the little bird, no herbs could break the curse. Helga sat down sadly in her chair and stared at the little bird. “If only I knew how to help you,” she replied sadly, until one small, clumsy tear rolled down her cheek and dropped on the little bird that lay on her lap.

Suddenly something unexpected happened. There was a great smoke, and the little bird was not in front of Helga anymore, but there he was, a young boy – her Erik. “Erik, is that you?” said the beautiful Helga in a soft voice and threw herself into Erik’s arms. “Your tear saved me, only now I see that it is you, you have saved me again, my dear, beautiful Helga!” Erik said. And it was for Helga that the young boy wanted the glittering diamond, but he could not get it because of the wicked witch. Helga and Erik, happy at last and together, hand in hand, made their way to the village, with Felicia skipping merrily before them. No one in the village could believe their eyes! The young boy, the lost Erik, had returned!

There was a big wedding in the village. It was their true love that opened the eyes of the villagers, who realized how they had wronged the young girl. The villagers apologized to the beautiful Helga and she forgave them. Everyone rejoiced, rejoiced with them, celebrating that true love had not only broken the curse, but also opened the hearts of those who truly needed it.

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