A stingy little plane

There was a small airfield far behind the village. There were two planes there. One was blue and the other was green. Everyone who knew them always called them Blue and Green. They were smaller planes. During the day, people could fly them if they wanted a scenic flight. They got on them and the planes carried them from village to village, town to town, across the sky. It was beautiful. But at night, the planes had a different life.

Few people knew that as soon as the lamps went out and the whole village went to sleep, the planes came to life. They lit up, looked around for a while to see if anyone was around and then took off. They flew far away, rolled in the air, just enjoying the fact that they weren’t carrying anyone and that no one was on them. The birds were asleep and there were never any other planes flying. Just the two of them, Blue and Green.

Priče za laku noć - A stingy little plane
A stingy little plane

One night when they took off like that, Blue started jerking all of a sudden. It was like his engine was quitting. He checked quickly, but found nothing. And then he found out. His check engine light came on, saying he didn’t have enough gas. He started calling to the rookie, “Buddy, please help me. Come closer to me and give me some gas. I can’t make it to the ground and I don’t want to crash.” The Green looked at him and replied: “I don’t have enough myself. You should have checked yourself before we took off.”

Blue couldn’t believe it. He asked with him a few more times, but the Green decided to just be stingy. Blue had no choice but to try to land. But he was far from the airport. He saw a meadow, so he decided to try to land there. He hit the ground at a enormous speed and broke his wing. He was lying there on the ground, moaning. That’s the kind of blow that would wake anybody up. Soon people were running around trying to fix him and take him back to the airport.

Meanwhile, the Green flew back. He stood in his parking lot, turned off all his lights, and was very sad. He figured that all this had happened to Blue because he had been stingy and hadn’t given Blue some gas. “What if he had broken down completely? What if I’d be alone forever then?” He wondered aloud.

It took a long time to get Blue repaired. All that time, the Green took care of him. He also apologized right away and promised not to be stingy anymore and to help him. After a while, both planes could be seen in the sky again. They flew close to each other so that they could help each other at any time. Blue forgave his friend and Green was never stingy again. He knew that friendship was more important.

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