How Diana’s dream came true

Diana was a sweet young girl. She was always smiling like the sun. She was tall, her long fair hair was always in a ponytail and when she smiled, her eyes lit up. She loved to play the guitar. And she was very good at it, too. She’d make up her own songs and then play them and sing them. But she also had another hobby. She loved trains. Her greatest wish was to be able to travel far away by train and play her songs on the guitar for people. To make someone happy with them and to see new places at the same time. But that was just her wish.

Because Diana liked trains so much and loved to play her guitar, she would go and sit on the hill by the tracks every day. She would lie down on the grass where she had the best view of the tracks and start playing and singing. Her beautiful voice carried around the neighborhood. And when she saw a train approaching from a distance, her eyes lit up. It came regularly through here. It whizzed past Diana like the wind. She immediately imagined herself going by it.

Tales for Reading - How Diana's Dream Came True
How Diana’s Dream Came True

Diana had a secret, too. She’d been writing all her wishes on a post-it note since she was a little girl and putting it in a magic box. She kept it in her room at home. She got the box from her mother. She was supposed to write her greatest wishes in it. Her mother told her it was a magic box and that one day it would come true. And even though Diana was bigger now, she still kept her wish in the box, hoping that one day it would come true. And so, of course, there was a note in the box that said: “Dear little box, please let me travel by train and play guitar for people.”

One day, while Diana was sitting in her favorite spot on the hill by the tracks playing her guitar, something strange happened. In the distance, she heard a train approaching. But it wasn’t going as fast as it always did. It was even starting to slow down. Finally, it stopped right in front of Diana. A lady got off the train. She was probably the engineer and she started waving and calling to Diana: “Come on, young lady, let’s go, hurry up, don’t be late, get on.” Dianka stood on the hill with her guitar in her hand and looked around to see who the lady was calling to. “Don’t look around and get on. I need you to cheer up the passengers, you will play your songs to make their journey more pleasant.” Now she was sure the lady was calling for her. Diana ran to the train. She hopped on. The train slowly moved. And soon it was moving at a tremendous speed.

The lady engineer put Diana in the biggest carriage. She put a microphone in front of her and said, “The whole train will hear you through this microphone. Play and enjoy the journey.” Diana couldn’t believe her eyes. She picked up her guitar and began to play and sing. Her voice and melodies floated pleasantly through the whole train. People listened, smiled and clapped. Diana filled the whole train with good spirit. She played, watched the scenery and at the same time saw how people liked her songs. She was beside herself with happiness and enjoyed every minute of it.

After some time, the train arrived back at her place. Before she got off, she thanked and said goodbye to the lady engineer. And she asked her, “I don’t understand. How did you know about me? Why did you let me do this?” The engineer just leaned towards her and whispered, “Wishes are meant to be fulfilled, especially to good people like you. Keep playing and singing. I’ll come for you again sometime. And write your wishes in the box. May it come true again.” And then the train left.

To this day, Diana doesn’t know how the lady found out about her box, her secret. But she knew that now she now believes that wishes do come true. Diana never stopped playing and singing for people. She made her dream come true.

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