Scatterbrain, the little imp

Deep under the earth there lived several little imps. They lived in a dark cave. They had a big fire in the middle of it. Around it they slept covered in their furs. They liked it warm. There were several of them. But one imp stood out. He was different. He was a bit silly, and he usually messed things up, and that’s why they called him Scatterbrain. He had one shorter hoof, so he limped. He had bushy fur all over his body and his horns stuck out like aerials. He looked cute.

He was different from the others in some ways. He was unusually kind. He was always trying to help people in any way he could. If he heard someone on the ground calling for help or not knowing how to do something, he would quickly jump up and try to save the day and sort things out. But he usually made a mess out of everything.

Tale for Reading - Scatterbrain, The Little Imp
Scatterbrain, The Little Imp

Once, when he was almost asleep in his little bed by the fire, he heard a faint voice: “I’m so hungry. I shared my last bit of food with a squirrel and now I have nothing. But my stomach is growling.” The little imp Scatterbrain listened closely so he would understand. After a while he recognized the voice.

Andy was sitting on the ground at the edge of the forest. He had gone out into the world to find a bride and a good job. But now he was sitting on a rock at the edge of the forest tonight, and he’s out of food. Scatterbrain knew he was a good man, so of course he wanted to help him. He quickly jumped up on the ground and went straight to Andy: “Hello Andy, I am Scatterbrain the little imp and I have heard what is troubling you. I’ve got something for you, check it out.” He spread something like a napkin in front of Andy and said: “When I leave, say: ‘Napkin, spread yourself out’ and see what’s going to happen.” He patted Andy on the shoulder, stamped his foot, turned around and there was nothing but smoke left. Andy sat there looking at the napkin. After a while he sat down on it and said: “Napkin, spread yourself up.” That’s when things really started to happen. The napkin began to ripple and lift slowly. Eventually it lifted up completely and carried him somewhere far away. At first Andy was scared and didn’t know what to do. He sat on the blanket, holding the edges of it, trying to keep his balance. Gradually he learned to control it and steer its direction. After a while he calmed down and the wind blew gently in his face. Andy looked below him. It was a beautiful view. He could see the whole city like the palm of his hand. After a while he returned on the blanket to the place where he had met the little imp. And he tried to call out to him. “Scatterbrain, you messed it up again. Instead of a napkin to spread out and give me food, you gave me a flying blanket. But thank you anyway, I’ll never forget it.”

Deep under the ground in his lair by the fire, Scatterbrain the little imp heard everything. He smiled happily, wrapped himself in his fur and fell peacefully asleep. He knew he had messed up again, but he also knew that it was important that he wanted to do the right thing. And that was the main thing. And even if he did it differently, he still made someone happy. He fell asleep hoping that the flying blanket would take Andy somewhere where he could find a bride, a job, and even something good to eat.

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