Snowflake and Rosie

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Rozarka. Curly-haired Rosie lived with her parents and little brother on a bumpy hill in a little house by the woods. One cold December day, Rosie went sledding. She went sledding down their hill with her little brother Sam.

They chased each other in the snow, rolled around, and even raced to see who could get down the sled first. The siblings played together all day. But Sam was always first and better.

He built a bigger snowman, won against Rosie the snow battle and was the first one to ride the sled down the slope. Rosie also wanted to be good at something. “Let’s build another snowman!” said Sam cheerfully to his older sister. But Rosie didn’t feel like building a snowman and preferred to make an angel in the snow. She was sad that her little brother was first in everything and better than her.

Tale for Reading - Snowflake And Rosie
Snowflake And Rosie

While Rosie was playing in the snow, a small snowflake fell on her nose. Rosie moved it to her finger and watched how beautiful the snowflake’s shape was and how it sparkled in the sunlight. Rosie told the snowflake how sad she was that her little brother always outdid her in everything. “Don’t worry, you’ll be good at something too, I’m sure you’re a good girl and you don’t even know it,” the little glittering snowflake encouraged her. Rosie didn’t understand how it was possible that the snowflake was talking. “You can talk?” Rosie asked her in surprise. “Yes. But I only speak in front of people who are sad, and I can help to cheer them up,” replied the snowflake cheerfully. But Rosie did not understand how the snowflake could cheer her up. The snowflake tried to explain to her that it was not important to be first in everything, it was important to do something that we enjoy and that makes us happy.

But how is it possible that my little brother is always faster downstairs and always builds  more beautiful snowmen? He’s always smarter than me!” Rosie asked sadly as she watched her little brother build a big snowman. Snowflake explained to her, however, that Sam might be good at that, but he might not be good at other things. “You know, but you’re not supposed to be jealous. Everyone can do something different, and I bet you Sam doesn’t sing as beautifully as you do! I heard you sing so beautifully when you were playing together!” Snowflake said with enthusiasm in her voice. Rosie thought and realised that she was right. Her little brother couldn’t sing.

Rosie realised that she couldn’t envy her little brother, because everyone could do something different, just as the snowflake had said. Rosie listened to the snowflake and was no longer sad, she began to sing happily and play in the snow with her little brother. She was glad for the valuable advice she had received from her. She no longer looked at what her little brother was better at or what she was better at. As Snowflake said, the important thing is to find what we enjoy and what we are good at. And for Rosie, that was singing.

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