A wish come true

Once upon a time there was a small village. There were several houses in it. They were close to each other, so everyone knew everyone else in that village. They were all good neighbours and friends, but two children were the best friends.

The little girl was good, but she was also wild. She was always up to some shenanigans and she wasn’t afraid of anything. Because she had beautiful black hair everyone called her Poppy Doll, or rather Poppy. Her best friend was the prettiest boy in the village. He was nice and always helped Poppy with everything. He wore glasses and looked very smart. And he was. And because he was tall and Poppy looked tiny next to him, they called him Big Bear, or rather Bearie. Poppy and Bearie were an inseparable duo. They loved each other very much and promised to each other that even when they grew up, they would be together.

A Bedtimestory - A Wish Come True
A Wish Come True

But as it happens, in time these two children grew up to be adults and were each in a different place. Poppy was always thinking about Bearie. She couldn’t forget his smile and how he helped her with everything. He was a true friend.

One day she went for a walk in the forest that grew around the village. In the distance, beyond the trees, she heard a cry for help. Quickly, before she could think of anything, which Poppy often did, she ran after the voice calling.

She immediately jumped over the bushes and almost landed in the swamp. Just like that, she stopped in front of it. In the swamp, she saw a muddy lady who couldn’t get out. Poppy did not hesitate, she broke a branch and pulled it as close as she could. “Hold on tight, I’ll pull you out!” Poppy exerted all her strength and helped her get out. The lady thanked her very much for saving her. Then something incredible happened.

The leaves rose up and covered her whole body. When all the leaves fell back to the ground, the dirty and muddy lady became a beautiful fairy. She was a forest fairy. “My dear Poppy thank you so much for your help. I am a fairy of the forest and I live here. I look out for all the people in the village. I have known you since you were a little girl. You are kind and selfless. And because you saved my life and didn’t hesitate to do so, I’ll be happy to grant you a wish.”

Poppy stared in disbelief, then confessed: “I have one big wish, but I don’t know if you can grant it.” She looked sadly at the ground. The fairy knew exactly what would make Poppy happy. She just smiled, hugged her and whispered in her ear, “I know what you want most, I looks around, she can’t help but wonder. Around her is a beautiful meadow with lots of flowers. In the distance, she sees a horse running towards her. She bends down so she can mount and carefully gallops across the meadow. Lara is in heaven. She’s enjoying every minute of her wish. After a while, the horse stops. Lara feels the breeze and hears the bells. The little train returns to take her back to her little bed. Lara hugs the horse, strokes it and says goodbye. “I’ll be back, thank you, my friend.” As the train approaches, she gets on and lets the train take her home. From the window, she still watches as his little lights slowly know you my dear Poppy.” Then the fairy disappeared.

Poppy stood there for a moment thinking, but she didn’t know what was in store for her. Suddenly she heard footsteps behind her. She turned around and couldn’t believe her eyes. Bearie was approaching her happily. She ran to him and hugged him as warmly as she could. She was happy. To this day, Poppy doesn’t know how the fairy did it, but she brought her Bearie back. Her greatest wish came true.

It would have been nice to know a fairy who could bring us back to the one we love the most. But who knows. Try believing in magic and maybe your wish will come true.

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