Where does the rainbow begin

After winter comes spring. The grass begins to turn green. The meadows begin to sprout colourful flowers. Animals begin to wake from their winter slumber. Flocks of birds fly back to us from warm places. The sun is getting warmer and it’s warmer everywhere. Sometimes an unexpected warm spring rain drenches our land. When it rains and the sun shines, something beautiful and colourful appears in the sky. You know what? It’s a rainbow. No one has ever seen it begin or end. No one knows how it got here. But I know the story of a little girl who found the magic of the rainbow.

One afternoon some time ago, little Niki was playing in a beautiful meadow in bloom. She was weaving a garland of flowers when suddenly a few drops fell on her. Soon the spring rain started. But because the sun was still shining, a rainbow began to appear in the sky. Niki watched as it turned into beautiful colors and grew all over the sky. She wanted to find out where it started. So she went to where the rainbow started.

A Fairy Tale for Children - Where Does The Rainbow Begin
Where Does The Rainbow Begin

She walked to the end of the meadow over a big hill. After a while, she saw something strange. Something glittered in the distance behind the big rocks. A shimmering light moved quickly to and fro. When Niki got closer to see what it was, she saw a fairy. She was tiny and rainbow-colored. In both hands she held the mirror tightly, pointing it at the sun. And when it rained, the reflection from her mirror made a rainbow. The fairy had to aim the mirror well, and you could see that it wasn’t easy to hold it up to the sun in the rain. As the rain grew bigger, it became even harder for the fairy.

Niki wanted to help the fairy. She didn’t hesitate and ran to her. She knelt down beside her, grabbed her mirror with her hands and helped hold it with all her strength. The fairy was scared at first, but when she saw that Niki was helping her, she let her. When it stopped raining and the rainbow slowly disappeared, the fairy just wondered. “Who are you and why did you help me?” She asked. “I’m Niki. I saw the rainbow and I like it very much. I wanted to see the beginning of it and where it came from. Then I saw you holding a mirror and reflecting those beautiful rainbow colors off of it. I could see that it wasn’t easy and I wanted to help you.” Niki replied. “But how come the mirror didn’t burn you. I mean, it’s only made for fairies?” The little rainbow fairy was still wondering. At that moment, the mirror lit up and answered itself, “I could see that Niki was nice. I could see she didn’t mean to hurt you or me, she just wanted to help. So I let her help and didn’t burn her hands. Even among humans, dear fairy, there are people with good heart.”

Fairy and Niki smiled at each other. They were glad to have met. They agreed that the next time Niki saw a rainbow and was near, she would run to help the fairy again. In return, the fairy began to trust Niki and told her secrets from the fairy’s rainbow world. They became friends and only they knew about the magic of the rainbow.

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